Sig Sauer Echo 1 Digital Thermal Imaging Reflex Sight

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Sig Sauer Echo 1 Digital Thermo Imaging Review

The Digital Thermal Imaging from Echo 1 is regarded as a unique experience when hunting at night. This model features digital-view thermal sight which means the hunter is able to keep both of their eyes open while they use the easy to use thumbstick in order to navigate the display modes.

The reflex-sight improves the user’s situation awareness greatly without sacrificing on the trigger accuracy, which is essential when hunting at night time. The Sig Sauer Echo 1 features 4 levels of screen brightness, a 30HZ or 8HZ frame rate, 3.7 X 4.7 angle-of-view and a variety of screen-color choices to match up to the time of the night or day.

Regarded as an entry-level model, this thermal-reflex sight provides exceptional quality in regards to imaging in this price bracket. The Echo 1 is also extremely lightweight and weighs just under 1 pound, 14,7 ounces. When positioned on the top of a rifle, your site will be around 4x2x2 inches.

Sig Sauer provides an impressive 5-year warranty along with a separate lifetime warranty on all of their products. This lightweight sight provides for an easier way to night stalk when on foot. The output on the Echo 1 can also be used to take photographs and to record videos onto another device.

Top Feature :
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer Array, 5 Default Reticles and the ability to design/upload new reticles

Item Description:

The Echo1 digital thermal Imaging Reflex sight from Sig Sauer is the most innovative direct view thermal sight in the world. Based on the newest generation of thermal Imaging sensors, the digital sight provides for day or night time Predator and hog hunting, while functioning similarly to a conventional Reflex sight using both eyes open for fast and intuitive target acquisition with greatly improved situational awareness. The sight is also perfect for home defense, law enforcement, military, and search and rescue situations.

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