Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6×52 Thermal Weapon Sight PL76475

Pulsar Apex Thermal Riflescope

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Pulsar PL76475 Thermal Weapon Sight Review

The Pulsar PL76475  (Apex XD75) Thermal Weapon Sight is a sturdy and reliable thermal-imaging riflescope for any shooter’s weapon. The product has been creating quite a buzz in the industry for some time. That is due to the hot features included in this weapon. These weapons can be used for most of your outdoor quests since it provides the distance and thermal performance required by the avid shooter. There is a simple functionality incorporated to operate the device with ease. In fact, the user can operate the device with easy practically under any conditions and settings out there. That is why you need to invest in such a product.

Pulsar has been leading the thermal imaging industry for many years up to now. In fact, the Pulsar PL76475 is considered a great example of the commitment of the company to provide an ideal thermal imaging system to the market. The Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6×52 is considered a great tool to take on your next quest. If you have been searching for a top-quality, efficient thermal imaging tool on the market, your search stops here. That is why you need to buy the Pulsar PL76475 Thermal Weapon Sight right now.

Top Feature :
384×288 resolution, 50hz refresh rate

Item Description:

“The Pulsar Apex™ 2-8×42 XD50A Thermal Riflescope is engineered for a wide variety of precision long-distance applications including hunting, security and surveillance, and law enforcement. Its thermal core resolution of 384×288 captures maximum thermal energy efficiently for a more detailed “white hot” and “black hot” image up to 1,400 yards. Long-distance viewing is made possible by the continuous digital zoom for an extended range of magnification.

Engineered with crisp LCD display and a high 50 hz frame rate, this cutting-edge thermal riflescope delivers a consistent, vivid image of faster-moving objects. The Apex™ XD50A’s 4x digital zoom offers a continuous digital zoom for an extended range of magnification. The picture-in-picture digital zoom displays a magnified picture of the reticle’s aiming point at the top of the screen. This magnified picture of the reticle is ideal for precision aiming while the peripherals of the display maintain the base magnification for a wide field of view, for quick, consecutive follow-up shots. Its one-shot zeroing and freeze function takes an image of the target to quickly zero the crosshairs to the firearm’s point of impact.

The device includes 3 operating modes (Rocks, Forest, and Identification) for enhanced contrast, significantly improving rendering of hot object details. Users can choose from the automatic, manual or semi-automatic calibration modes, which calibrates the lens in just 1 to 2 seconds. The internal dampening system keeps the thermal core stable up to 1,000Gs of recoil, equivalent to a .375 H&H bolt-action rifle. It also includes updatable software; ensuring users keep improving their Apex’s performance.”

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